New Book Just Released Fall 2021 now available to order—

Dancing in the Dash:

My Story of Empowerment, Diplomacy, and Resilience

By Lauri Fitz-Pegado available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and everywhere books are sold.

In The Dash

Supporting the arts for inclusion and social change.

Beyond the ball

Advising athletes to apply successful skills to alternative careers.

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Dancing in the Dash explores universal themes: the influence of ancestry and family; the balance between career and passions; the application and relevance of life skills acquired through the rigors of ballet training---
discipline, strength, focus, perseverance; adventure and risk; the perspective afforded through international experiences and multiculturalism; and the role of belief and grace.

Below is an excerpt from the book:


Balance is a critical requirement for success in life and in ballet. A six-foot-tall sculpture dominates a special place in my home—”Eclipse” is a tall, bronze sculpture of a dancer perched atop a large ball. The muscular body is molded into a stylized arabesque: the demi-point of the supporting leg balancing on the globe. The three-foot tall bronze sculpture is mounted on a three-foot tall rotating marble base. The late African American artist Tina Allen created this defining and imposing work. It serves as a constant reminder to me of graceful power, and of the strength, delicate precision, and tenuousness of balance.

 Promoting Sustainable Lives for Artists and Athletes

In the Dash applies her vast experience and network in cultural and commercial diplomacy, international policy, and business, to advise and promote visual and performing artists and institutions. Beyond The Ball provides counsel to athletes repositioning their skills from sports to alternatives careers.

Our Activities

Promoting Dutch Artist and Designer Jeroen Koolhaas in the US

Advisor to Washington, D.C. urban dance schools

Consultant to Canada's National Ballet School

Ballet Instructor:

  • Jones-Haywood Dance School
  • Dance Institute of Washington
  • Duke Ellington School of the Arts (Summer Dance Intensive 2021)

Co-Founder, The Collective, a collaboration comprised of ballet instructors, and managers of dance institutions of color dedicated to training, growth, and development for children of color (COC)

Explore opportunities to incorporate dimensions of Beyond the Ball in programs with sports associations, foundations and academic institutions.