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That rare find, a marvelous memoir by a Washington native!

I loved this Washington memoir. Why? Because it is not written by a politician or celebrity witness or media star. It is by a true, rare Washington native who walked (and danced!) in a head-spinning range of worlds, Lauri Fitz-Pegado.

Charles C. Francis

Read This for Insight and Affirmation

Reviewed in the United States on October 31, 2021

Lauri Fitz-Pegado’s memoir chronicles the challenges and triumphs of a woman who garners resiliency, in large part, from the discipline of ballet and the strength of relationships.

Poignant anecdotes from Lauri’s interaction with former Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown, the Reverend Jesse Jackson and other known political actors are combined with episodes from her personal and professional life. What results is a story rich in thoughtful reflection to which we can all relate.


Powerful and Inspirational

Lauri soars in the face of many obstacles. Her journey is one that is both inspirational and enlightening. Her willingness to open her life to the reader makes her story very real and powerful. The discipline she gained from ballet was invaluable and ever present on her journey.


Covette Rooney

This memoir is a great read.

Dancing in the Dash will inspire others to follow their dreams, recognize and seize opportunities, strive for balance, and realize that family, friends and faith can be foundational, and gifts that keep on giving. A well-written and compelling story!



 Dancing in the Dash is Available at Barnes & Noble 5th Avenue, New York

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Dancing in the Dash is now available for purchase at Politics & Prose

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